Take Service Delivery Beyond IT - Customer Case Study Webinar - 09 ledna 2018

Seize the opportunity to use your gains in IT Service Management to improve service delivery within and between other departments in the business. Discover how to leverage your best practices to help other business units create and manage their services. And find out how calls into the service desk can be a more productive and satisfying experience.

Join Ivanti and Kifinti Solutions to learn how organizations are solving the demand for better ways to help customers and users. Hear how the County of Simcoe extended their service management platform to improve delivery of services to all their citizens. Also, see how a fully integrated approach with your phone system further enhances the service experience across the board.

David Martinez | Sr. Product Marketing Manager | Ivanti

Mike Heberling | Solutions Specialist | Ivanti

Paul Kelsey | Sales Manager | Kifinti Solutions